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Quick House Sale: Top 5 Tips to Sell your House Fast

There are various things you can do in today’s housing market, to improve your chance of selling your home fast even when the market is sluggish. When you must sell your house quickly due to reasons such as repossession, relocation or even an impending divorce, it is easy to assume that you cannot attain the highest price possible.

However, this is not always true. In fact, you can still sell your house fast and for a good price when you have a good understanding of the market. This coupled with a few tricks, you can be sure to get buyers scrambling for your property. Here are ten tips to help you sell your house fast in a slow market:

  1. Make a great first impression. Well, by now you know that you only have one chance to make a lasting first impression. This also goes for your property. Potential buyers tend to begin judging your house long before they set foot through the front door. Thus, you need to pay attention to the exterior as much as you do to the interior. Make sure the property is presentable and appealing on the outside by improving the kerb appeal. Introducing a fresh lick of paint on the exterior and ensuring the lawn is well manicured can yield 100% returns when you eventually sell the property.
  2. Depersonalize the house. You must always have the buyer in mind when staging your home. That is, allow the prospective buyer to envision their lives in the house by depersonalizing it. Take down photos, kids drawings as well as all other memorabilia and keep sakes. Instead, put them in storage. This goes to make the house appear to be bigger while allowing you to maximize space.
  3. Get the price right. Don’t always take the valuation by estate agents as absolute truth. Instead, research extensively on the value of your house. Once you have established how much your home is worth, you can reduce the price to have a competitive price tag. Competitive pricing is the gateway to selling your house fast. Furthermore, it can also spark a bidding war, pushing the price up beyond the amount you were selling it for. While you may want to think about the implication of setting a lower price on your sale, you need to know that the same concern applies when you set the price higher.
  4. Get rid of pets. Although you may be comfortable with the welcome you get from your shaggy dog or cat when you get home, this may not be the same for everyone. In fact, if a potential buyer is not an animal lover, the presence of pets on the property will be an automatic turn off. Besides, even pet lovers may not be comfortable with the presence of your pet in certain areas in the house. Therefore, you’ll do well to remove all the pets temporarily during the viewing period.
  5. Work on the olfactory appeal. The presence of unpleasant odours can be a major turn off for potential buyers viewing your property. From the dog smell to the tobacco stench or even the smell of mildew, ensure you rid your house of all unsavoury smells. Instead, work on improving the olfactory appeal by eliminating all the bad odours including those of strong smelling foods. You may want to consider introducing freshly cut flowers in your house before opening it up for viewing.

If you are not able to oversee the house sale process on your own, you can consider enlisting the help of a trusted house sale company like advised on the Ready Steady Sell blog. In fact, selling your house to a house sale company is the only sure-fire way to sell your house fast. Furthermore, the majority of these companies have extensive experience in buying and selling property hence, they will buy your house regardless of the current condition.

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