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Top Benefits of Metal Roofing

When it’s time for a new roof, you have many options to consider. You need to choose the material, color and what works best in the area you reside in. If you’ve been considering metal roofing instead of shingles, you’ll be joining a large number of satisfied people that made the switch. Here are just some of the top benefits you’ll get with a metal roof.


If you live in a warm, sunny area, know that metal roofs are energy efficient. When you installĀ metal roofing Daytona Beach, rest assured that you’ll cut your energy costs by 10-25%. Metal roofing actually reflects the heat instead of absorbing it, so it keeps your home cooler.


In theĀ event of a fire, metal roofing will not ignite. This is good to know if you’re in an area with frequent lighting storms or wildfires. Since your family’s safety is paramount, metal roofing is by far the safest you can choose.

Durable Material

Metal roofing is lightweight which safeguards the surrounding structure, but don’t let that fool you. Metal roofing is also extremely durable. It can sustain wind gusts of well over 100 mph and will not corrode or crack. Plus, these sturdy roofs can last over 50 years.


Metal roofs are one of the most environmentally-friendly materials you can use. They’re made from at least 25% recycled material and will be 100% recyclable at their end of their life. Metal roofs can often be installed over other types of roofs saving on the disposal of materials that would only end up in a landfill.

The Smart Choice

Installing a new roof is a major update to your home, so make sure you go with the smart choice. Metal roofing lasts for decades, is fire-resistant and will save you money on your energy bill. It’s also an eco-friendly and attractive addition to your house.


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