Monday, October 2

Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

As long as it’s not leaking, you may not think too much about your home’s roof. That’s understandable, but it’s also an oversight that may cost you over the years. Bring out the best in your roof with these maintenance tips.

Inspect Your Roof Shingles

Residential roofing contractors in Daytona Beach FL, can tell you the importance of inspecting your roof’s shingles. One great thing about this maintenance tip is you can check some of your shingles from the ground. Replace or repair cracked, missing or streaky shingles. To inspect all your roof’s shingles, you’ll need to climb onto your roof.

Clear Debris

While up on your roof inspecting the shingles, check for debris such as leaves and twigs. If left unaddressed, debris may collect in your gutters and prevent water from running off your roof and away from your home’s foundation, fascia and soffit. Check behind your chimney, around the skylight and in the valleys of your roof. Use either a broom or leaf blower to get rid of debris. Don’t use a pressure washer, as they can do more harm than good.

Check Your Skylight, Vent Openings and Chimneys

You do not want water to infiltrate your home through your chimney, vents or skylight. The seals on these parts of your roof can wear away over the years, so check them for signs of cracking or other damage.

Clean and Check Your Gutters

Take especially good care of your gutters, as water trapped by built-up debris in your gutters can lead to various problems for your roof and inside your home, too. Shingles sometimes collect in gutters, so check for small bits of them in your gutters.

Learn the basics of taking care of your roof. That way, it lasts for as long as possible and you don’t run into avoidable trouble.

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