Sunday, October 1

Why You Might Want to Keep Your Old Real Estate

Everything gets older with time. In real estate it’s up to you as the owner to keep up with your property and make it something worth having. Some people want to sell after a while, especially once they see the property has gained in value. Keep in mind that the value could keep going up if you tough it out a little longer. Then you may find you never want to let it go. You might want to hold on to your old real estate to pass on to your kids, provide a place for family to live, or to run a bed and breakfast.

Pass It on To Your Kids

No one appreciates the vintage items like the older generations. Your kids will wonder what to do with the place and they might be seeing dollar signs of a sale the moment you tell them it will be theirs. To keep your antique real estate in the family it is best that you keep your children in the loop on the history of the building. Tell them stories, take them to visit the place and even get them involved in any clean up or renovation efforts. This is the best way for them to gain a respect for the building and the place it holds in the heart of the family. Once they come to love the place as well, you won’t have to worry about them getting rid of it, and they will probably do the same thing with their children.

Provide A Home for Family

If you ever had to provide shelter for family, either out of pocket or on your couch, then you may understand the struggles it can bring. What if you had a spare home that they could live in. Whether it’s temporary or forever, it would beat having to lose your office or other living space. If you don’t have to loan the place out that’s fine, but, if ever you did need to, at least you would have it.

Run A Bed and Breakfast

Paid off real estate is profitable no matter the age. If the walls and roof are intact, you can renovate the insides to make the home look like anything you want. An old property on the outside can give a form of charm, especially if you decided to run it as a bed and breakfast. There are always people looking to rent a place for a while but don’t want the stress of a lease and don’t have enough to take a month-long hotel stay. Your place is perfect, it gains the home some revenue, if your service is great then it doubles as a marketing tool. Keep your place looking nice inside and out, you’ll never know who will stop in. You can also buy fresh and start the home as a business. When I need more real estate, I search for something like residential property for sale abilene tx.

Hang on to your real estate. Young and old, there is a job for all of it. Depending on how long you’ve had the real estate it should be worth much more today than it was when you purchased it. Just think of how much it will be worth in the future. Rentals are getting more and more expensive. If you hang on to something now, you will always have a fallback place. If nothing else, keep your old real estate to pass on to kids, provide shelter for family, or to run a bed and breakfast.

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