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Why open shelving is a great option in the kitchen

If you are thinking about redesigning your kitchen, you may be thinking about using open shelving. After all, there are lots of benefits to using open shelving; for example, they can make the kitchen seem lighter and bigger and will add personality and colour.

Here are seven reasons why open shelving is a great option in the kitchen.

It is convenient

Open shelving is very convenient. If you need something, you don’t need to rummage through every cabinet and drawer to find one item; instead, you can simply look at the shelf and you will quickly see what you want!

It can open up the space

Open shelving will also visually open up your kitchen and make it seem brighter, larger and airier. This is ideal for small kitchens that look crowded, especially if there are only small windows that don’t let in much light.

It is perfect for collectors

If you collect beautiful dishware or serveware, open shelving is perfect for you. This is because you can use the open shelves to display your collection, meaning that you get to see it every day – and so do your guests!

It can be customised for the space

Another benefit of open shelving is that it can easily be customised so that it fits in areas where a standard cabinet wouldn’t. If you have a strange corner or a small space that is not being used, you could put up open shelving to make the area more useful.

If you are looking for industrial shelving Ireland that you can customise, consult a specialist such as to find out more.

It is an affordable option for people on a budget

A new kitchen costs around £8,000 on average, which is very expensive; however, you can save some money by using open shelving. This is because open shelving is normally cheaper than standard drawers and cupboards.

It makes it easy for you to stay organised

It is very easy to stay organised with an open shelf. This is because you can always see the items, so you will be incentivised to keep it tidy!

It can add charm and colour

Open shelving can add charm and colour to any kitchen, especially if you use the shelves to display beautiful ornaments and pictures that you love.

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