Monday, October 2

What kind of real estate purchase is possible

Do you dream of becoming the owner of your main residence? Today is the right time! However, this decision is maturing. You have to ask yourself the right questions to avoid mistakes and find the property that suits you best: For what life project? What kind of property are you searching for? At what price? What is your budget? How to prospect?

9 tips are here to follow for a fruitful purchase peacefully!

1 – To buy well, be sure of yourself!

Make sure the time is right before you invest all your savings and go into debt. In view of the costs incurred and the amount of the planned investment, it is better to buy when you feel ready.

2 – Contact your notary to find out about current real estate market conditions.

Knowing these conditions, you can best determine the characteristics of the property sought with regard to your life project. The notary will accompany you through the stages.

3 – To buy well, determine the characteristics of the desired property

This time for reflection will allow you to determine the characteristics of the property that will best meet your life plan: future holding period of the property, location of the property, purchase in new or in old, apartment or house, number the rooms.

4 – To buy well, set your budget

Before purchasing the property of your dream, determine your overall budget and your financing plan (contribution and loan envisaged).

5 –   To buy well, take the time to go through the real estate ads

By a real estate agency or from private individual, you have to devote time to it and not rush. You have to be willing to travel, to visit several properties, to be able to go through the accommodation with a fine comb to detect their faults.

6 – To buy well, be curious!

Ask the seller or the real estate agency as many questions as possible and request all the documents relating to the material and legal situation of the property sold: any town planning authorizations obtained for the construction of the houses for sale in griffith Indiana property or for expansion work, the insurance taken out, any easements, the type of sanitation, the various real estate diagnoses made, the invoices and appropriate supporting documents from professionals, the documents and information relating to the co-ownership or the subdivision.

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