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Use These Tips To Get the Angle on Bass Fishing Tournament Success

Bass fishing has become one of the more popular sports wherever there are freshwater lakes. Up to 30% of all fishing enthusiasts choose bass as their primary target. Bass fishing tournaments, in particular, are big draws. That is why you need to take competitive measures if you want to come out near the top in competitive fishing. Cast your sights toward these bass fishing tips before your next tournament if you want to reel in the big one.

Scope Out the Lay of the Land (Water)

The more you know about the body of water you will be targeting in the tournament, the more likely you will land in the right place at the right time. Weeks before the tournament, research every aspect of the lake that you can. First, using the internet, look for past tournament results and general fishing information for the region or the particular lake. Next, ask tournament sponsors if they are aware of any lake mapping services Florida that have provided a profile of the lake. Finally, call fishing or sporting shops to ask for advice on the best locations for successful fishing.

Follow Results To Shore up Supplies

Once you have a handle on potential lake conditions, you can gauge the tackle you should stock to fit those factors. However, prepare backup supplies for any eventuality. You may not know until a day or two in advance whether you will be competing on a sunny, warm day or overcast cool one. You may have to switch lines and lures at a moment’s notice. Make sure both your equipment and boat are in perfect working order; you do not want to have to troubleshoot when you should be casting or trolling.


You will obtain the best results if you have to think too much about your actions on the water. Practice fishing several times in advance so that your motions and instincts are second nature.

Prepare Yourself

A calm, confident mental approach to the day can make a big difference. Make a packing list and organize your food and supplies the day before. Pack enough sunscreen, water and clothing for the weather to stay safe and focused. Just as importantly, make sure to get enough sleep the night before.

As you gain experience competing in bass fishing tournaments, you will likely develop new strategies based on your successes and failures. By starting with a specific game plan from the beginning, however, you may soon be able to brag that you are the one who did not let the big one get away.


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