Tuesday, March 21

Top 3 Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips

Many homeowners spend countless hours and dollars in spring and summer cultivating and maintaining lush green lawns only to abandon their efforts when the first chill hits. There are measures homeowners and lawn stewards should take to protect their lawns and set themselves up for success when the birds return. Yard clean ups fall Stanwood WA are well worth the time and effort to do them.

  1. Leaf Clean Up

When leaves fall, they create a blanket of coverage over your lawn. That blanket keeps all manner of important things from your lawn, like sunlight, water, healthy air and vital nutrients. Meanwhile, it invites lawn pests and promotes brown patches or snow mold.

Whether you choose to take the time to remove those leaves yourself or hire a company to do it for you, make sure you keep your lawn free and clear.

  1. Overseed

Your lawn needs to be replenished every year with new grass if you want it to stay plush and plentiful. Spreading a layer of seed in the fall gives it a headstart when the growing season comes. This headstart means that grass, not weeds, get the first crack at the space, nutrients and water available in the spring.

This important step allows you to spend your early spring efforts working to strengthen grass rather than kill weeds and will have your neighbors wondering what your secret is.

  1. Fertilize

Whether you live in a bitter northern or a mild southern winter climate, your lawn goes dormant in the colder months. The shortage of nutrient resources means your lawn can’t afford to stay active all winter long. This is why it can take so long and so much lawn feeding in the spring to get it back to that beautiful green color. Spreading a fall or winter-formulated fertilizer before the freeze gives your lawn a store of food that can power it up faster in the spring.

Lawn maintenance does not stop when the weather goes cold. If you do these things, you’ll help to make sure your lawn is the envy of your neighborhood in the spring.

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