Monday, October 2

Tips for Designing the Ultimate Guest Room

If you regularly have overnight guests in your home, your guest space should be comfortable and inviting. Whether your guests are staying in your seaside villa or one of the three bedroom apartments in Manayunk, you want them to feel at ease in your home. Here are a few tips to make your overnight guests feel welcome.

Provide Them With Storage

There’s nothing more frustrating then living out of a suitcase for any period of travel, especially when you’re staying in someone else’s home. Be sure to furnish your guest room with an empty dresser or wardrobe closet for their belongings, as well as a nightstand for anything they want to keep close by during the night. If your guest room has a built-in closet, add some empty storage bins, coat hangers and a shoe organizer to help them keep their travel gear sorted.

Offer Snacks and Drinks

For guests who are early risers, night owls or simply prefer to be alone, keep their room stocked with refreshments — a simple basket with water bottles, bagged snacks like chips or candy, or fresh fruit like apples are a great way to do this. If you want to provide them with an extra sense of luxury, add a drink station with a coffee maker, styrofoam cups, filters, stirrers, coffee and tea bags on a dresser or table.

Don’t Forget Clean Bedding and Towels

Of all the basic necessities, clean blankets, pillows and towels are things your guests should never want for. Wash your guest room bedding regularly and keep extra blankets on hand in a closet or storage bin underneath the bed, and have a fresh basket of towels and washcloths in the room in case your guest wants to take a shower.

It’s easy to keep your guests comfortable and happy with the right information. Treat your house guests the way you would want to be treated in an unfamiliar home by making them feel warmly welcomed, and you’re on your way to being the ultimate host.

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