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Should You Choose a Prefabricated or Custom Shower

A bathroom makeover can be an exciting and stressful project. There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to the shower you want to install. You can have a prefabricated shower installed or have a custom shower built out of tile. Here are some of the details about each type of shower and the pros and cons of each option.

Prefabricated Shower

This type of shower stall is typically made out of acrylic or fiberglass. A fiberglass shower installation Oceanport NJ can be done by a homeowner as they can come in one-piece options. The full shell needs to fit through the doorway of your home. If they don’t, multi-piece options are available. A prefab shower is less expensive than a custom one, can be installed quickly and has minimal seams. They are lightweight, which makes them a great option if there are structural issues in the house. The cons of this type of shower stall are lower real estate value, increased repair difficulties and size limitations.

Custom Tiled Shower

With a custom tiled shower, the creative opportunities are endless. Tiles come in thousands of shapes and styles for you to choose from, which means you can have a shower that matches your design aesthetic perfectly. You aren’t limited to a specific size with a custom-built shower either. A designer can create a shower that enhances your space beautifully. Tiles are also eco-friendly. The cons for tile showers are the high cost to build, the higher chance of leaks between grout seams and the required maintenance.

Choosing a new shower for your bathroom remodel comes down to your budget for the project and the space you have. If the design is important to you, a custom shower may be the way to go, but if cost is more of an issue, a prefab shower can be the best choice.


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