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Raising The Roof on Your Home’s ROI

It’s a seller’s housing market out there right now. Home prices are soaring, and more homeowners are considering listing their properties every day to take advantage of these prices. If you’re one of those potential sellers, you may be wondering how you can boost your home’s sale price even more before listing. Here are three renovations that will maximize your return on investment in your home.

Replace an Aging Roof

When was the last time you took a good look at your roof? If your roof is 20 years old (or 12-15 years old in a climate with extreme heat or cold), it may be time to replace it. A residential roofing St Louis MO contractor can let you know for sure. A good contractor can inspect your roof for signs of wear, tear, and leaks and may even find damage that you didn’t know about. They can also advise you on how extensive your repairs or replacement should be. Many Realtors agree that roof repairs or replacements are one of the smartest investments you can make and lead to faster and higher offers from buyers.

Give Your Garage Door a Lift

Garage doors aren’t just an open and shut case anymore. New technology has made them faster, quieter, and smarter than before. Experts recommend a garage door replacement as one of the top tips for increasing your home’s value. A new garage door can boost your house’s curb appeal and may add up to 97% of your investment back onto your selling price. Opting for a new wifi-enabled motor will let you ditch the finicky remotes in favor of a smartphone app that will let you open and close your door from anywhere.

Keep Your Kitchen in Order

Adding even a few small updates to your kitchen can add a considerable amount to your home’s value. If a full renovation isn’t in your plans, start with painting cabinet and drawer fronts, redoing the backsplash, and installing under-cabinet lighting to make a big visual difference. You can also take older appliances to be repainted at a body shop, giving them a new look for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Minor kitchen remodels may let you recoup up to 80% of your investment.

Investing in your home, even if you’re not planning to sell right away, is always a good idea. After the renovations are done, sit back, relax, and enjoy the newfound value of your home.

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