Sunday, October 1

Mitigate Your Risk of a Roof Collapse

With climate change and aging structures, roof collapse caused by the weight of snow is an increasing danger. Insulated roofs that prevent snow from melting, allowing the weight to steadily increase over the winter, or just poor design that doesn’t allow snow to naturally slide and melt off the roof are recipes for catastrophe. You can assure that your home or business is protected from a roof collapse caused by snow build-up by following these two steps.

Have a Removal Plan in Place

The winter of 2021 was especially harsh in Chicago. More than five roofs collapsed after heavy snowfall. Professionals said that much of the damage could have been prevented if the homeowners and businesses had had roof snow removal plans in place. They recommended already having a business in mind to work with that removes snow with low-pressure, high-temperature washes. Ice dams, which are indicated by ice flowing down the siding of the building, were cited as the primary cause of roof collapse. Having a relationship with a snow removal service means you’ll have a business you trust and it will have people who already know the history of your structure when you need them.

Monitor the Weight of Snow on Your Roof

A snow removal company can also help you establish the weight of snow that your roof can handle and install a monitor and alarm system that will let you know when your roof is approaching its limit. With all the different weights of snow and the possibility of ice developing under a fresh snowfall, trying to eyeball your roof isn’t an effective strategy. With a monitoring system, you and your snow removal team will be able to work on removal before it causes a leak or even a complete collapse.

If moving to the desert just isn’t in the cards it’s important to plan how to get the snow off your roof.


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