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Learn the Differences Between Different Home Styles

As a first-time homeowner, you might be overwhelmed with the choices you have at hand when planning your first custom home. Specifically, you might hear about traditional, contemporary or even transitional style homes in Dallas TX. If these terms are unfamiliar to you, expand your knowledge and make strong homebuilding decisions by seeking more information about these house styles.

Traditional Style

Houses with a traditional style have gained popularity between the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe and they continue to be built today. You can identify a traditional home by the following details:

  • Emphasis on details and warm colors
  • Prominence of wood
  • Use of curved furniture and edges
  • Drapery and cloth with intricate designs

It is sometimes known as a classic style due to both its age and its attempts to recreate the Old World, Victorian and French Country aesthetics. Remember these features if you would like this type of house.

Contemporary Style

A contemporary style house, sometimes known as modern style, directly contrasts with everything featured in a classic style house. For instance, just as traditional focuses on curves and round shapes, contemporary uses straight lines and sharp edges, making most of the furniture and house structure look geometric. While classic focuses on colorful details and patterns, the modern look is minimalist and sleek with whites, greys and creams. Finally, you will need to use glass and metal to contrast a traditional house’s dependence on woodwork.

Transitional Style

If you seek attributes of both styles, then transitional might be the ideal pick. It usually combines the softer, rounded furnishings and lines of a traditional house with the neutral colors seen in a more contemporary house. Another form of transitional design is the limited presence of colorful and detailed ornaments and decorations.

As you decide on the structure and design of your house, it might be helpful to use an established style as a blueprint. Consider these choices carefully and push the ideas further if you desire.


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