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How To Move Heavy Equipment in Your Warehouse

The warehouse environment is filled with heavy items that need to be transported. Whether they are moving from pallets to shelves or from the delivery truck to the showroom, you need to be prepared to move large objects with the utmost safety. There is a variety of equipment available to help you and your team prevent injuries when you need to transport large items.


Forklifts are a useful machine when transporting heavy equipment Los Angeles around the warehouse. They can lift pallets with ease and carry them to the areas where they need to be stored. A forklift operator does need a certificate to operate this machinery.

Air Casters

Air casters can lift up to 50 tons of weight. Because they are air-powered, they won’t damage the floor while moving items across the warehouse. They come in sets of four or six and can be used in combination with air bearings.

Utility Machine Skates

Utility skates can move items that weigh up to 37.5 tons. They’re useful in areas where forklifts and cranes can’t fit and work best where machinery needs to move in a straight line. They provide excellent stability and require minimum load jacking.

Air Lifting Bags

If the distance between the floor and your item is less than one inch, air lifting bags can be the best option. They slide under the load and are then inflated before transporting the item. These bags can lift up to 70 tons of weight.

Roller Dollies

For items that are heavy, but not oversized, a roller dolly can be the perfect choice for transport. To optimize the safety, use a ratchet strap to tie down the load onto the dolly. A dolly can carry up to 15 tons of weight.

Moving items around your warehouse require attention to detail and the proper equipment to minimize the risk of injury in your workplace.


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