Saturday, September 30

How to Create Space in a Small Kitchen

Do you have a kitchen that is rather tiny or just less-than-spacious? Perhaps you live in a small apartment or otherwise humble abode. Whatever the case may be, here are some tips on creating additional space in your small kitchen from interior design for kitchen St Louis.

When In Doubt, Throw It Out

Before discussing how to organize your kitchen, the first thing to do is go through what you have and get rid of what doesn’t belong there. For example, throw out everything that is past its expiration date. Get rid of anything that looks dirty or tastes stale. Deep cleaning your refrigerator and cabinets and purging what you don’t need will allow you to more efficiently organize what you have left.

Install a Pot Rack

When it comes to storage, the wisest step you can take is to think vertically. Installing a pot rack is one of the ways you can take advantage of vertical space. Doing so frees up valuable space inside of your cabinets to store other items.

Utilize Cabinet Doors for Storage

The back of your cabinet doors can be used to store a variety of different kitchen items. All you need to do is install a slim, over-the-door storage basket. Use it to hold items such as cutting boards, pot lids, or aluminum foil to name a few.

Suspend a Hanging Fruit Basket

Anything you can do to free up precious counter space is of benefit to making space in a small kitchen. Instead of having a fruit bowl taking up space, try suspending a three-tier hanging fruit basket from your ceiling. It will add visual interest to your space, and ripen your fruit more effectively at the same time.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean that it has to look crowded and cluttered. All you need is a bit of creativity and organization and you can make your kitchen look and feel more spacious.


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