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Equipment Used To Build a Skyscraper

The tallest buildings in the world may seem like impossible structures to build, but one piece at a time they come into existence. With proper planning and careful construction, skyscrapers reach into the sky to create famous city skylines and plenty of office space. Here’s some of the equipment used to build these architectural masterpieces.

Earth Moving Equipment

To start the construction process, heavy-duty vehicles are required. Most companies use things like a bulldozer, an excavator Boston MA, dump trucks, loaders and crawlers. These trucks can handle the digging and dirt removal required to create a pit deep enough for the steel structure of the skyscraper to be built into. Vertical beams support the entire structure. The depth of the pit is determined by the final height of the building. Concrete and steel are most commonly used as foundation materials.


The most easily identifiable piece of construction equipment is the crane. It’s used to move and lift the heaviest beams and other items during a skyscraper build. Cranes are used to move the vertical and horizontal steel beams into place. They can also carry large window glass and interior materials needed to finish the building.

Small Equipment

Once the substructure is completed and the support work is done on the lower floors, the finishing work can begin. Welders need to bring in equipment to secure the ends of the beams. They are then wrapped with a heat protectant to help prevent fires. After the structure and core are complete, the exterior phase starts. Finally, interior work commences with electricians, plumbers, flooring experts, painters and interior designers.

From start to finish a skyscraper can take years to complete. Even with the machinery needed to build such a tower, plenty of manpower is also required, making skyscrapers a beautiful blend of steel and handcrafted precision.


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