Monday, October 2

5 Types of Custom Cabinetry To Choose From

Having custom cabinets made for your home can increase the luxury while providing you with the ample storage space you need in your kitchen area. A carpenter can create cabinets to your specifications and style requirements so you can enjoy the exact aesthetic design you desire. Here are five types of cabinet styles to help you get an idea of the one you love.


The most modern and minimalist style of cabinet is the flat-panel or slab type. When it comes to¬†custom furniture finishing San Antonio, TX, this cabinet is simple, without framing or intricate details. The hardware stands out since it’s the only decorative element.


Shaker cabinets may be the most common option because of the ability to swing between contemporary and classic home styles. They have four pieces of border that frame the center of the door. The most common wood types used for this kind of cabinet are hickory, cherry, oak and maple.


This type of cabinet is made using horizontal wooden slabs as the design. It works well in spaces that need ventilation, such as laundry closets and pantries. A unique touch is added to your kitchen with this style that isn’t seen in most kitchen designs. For a coastal or cottage style, it can work extremely well.


The distressed style looks amazing in a farmhouse-style home or other older build. When you love an antique style, this is what you want to ask for.


Many custom cabinet builds use an inset design, which is made with a door set inside the cabinet frame instead of outside of the frame. Exposed hinges are often used. They can increase the cost, but also add a personalized design to your kitchen.

No matter what type of style you enjoy, a custom builder can take the basic idea and improve the look with further customizations.


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