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5 Things You Should Do Before Listing Your Home for Sale

Selling your home or property to the right buyer is not easy if you don’t have someone to hold your hand. If you plan to list your home for sale this year, you have to be careful how you showcase it to potential homebuyers.

The real estate market is very competitive, and getting the best offer your property is not that easy if you cannot prove that your property meets unique customer specs. Here is what you should do before you put that ‘For sale’ tag on your gate.

1. Find a realtor 

The first step to selling your home and getting top dollar offer is finding a real estate agent from Dowen Sunderland. Most homeowners believe they can sell their homes alone and pocket all the cash. However, this often comes with many challenges, mostly if you are selling your property for the first time. A realtor will help you save time and get you the best offer in the market.

Always research to land the most experienced real estate agent for the job. You can also ask your neighbours, friends, and family to recommend the best realtors in town. Ensure you get a realtor you trust and comfortable working with. This way you can be confident of getting the best offer for your house.

2. Work on your curb appeal

Before you list your home for sale, you should improve its appeal. Most homebuyers will often judge your house from the outside. That means, if you want to attract the right buyers, you should work on creating a first impression and inspire buyers to stop by and view your house.

Paint the front or exterior door with some attractive colours. You can ask your real estate agent for some tips on how to improve your house for selling.

3. Repair all loose handles 

A missing lightbulb or a loose handle may seem small but can cost you a lot when the buyer comes in to view. Buyers may doubt your house’s condition –they may think other underlying issues need fixing if some handles are mixing. Therefore, if you’re selling your home, you should ensure all the handles are fixed and working correctly.

4. Declutter your house 

When buyers call to view your property, you want to assure them your home has enough space for their belongings. Therefore, you should clean and remove all the clutter on the counters, tables, windows, cupboards, and drawers.  When you clear all the clutter in your house, you make it more appealing to the buyers. It is also easier to move out once you get a buyer that accepts your offer.

5. Smell test

Apart from just cleaning your house, you should also conduct a smell test to ensure everything is okay. An awful odour keeps most buyers off. To conduct this test, you can invite a third party to your house and detect any odour in all the rooms.

If you detect any awful smells in your home, you should get back to deep cleaning. Avoid using deodorants to cover up the odours because it may backfire if the buyer doesn’t like the smell. Always do some deep cleaning to ensure your house if fresh and comfortable before inviting buyers for view.

Final thoughts 

When you plan to sell your house, you should get a real estate agent to take you through the process. Ensure your home is in perfect condition and free of any clutter. Fix all broken handles, add some indoor plants, and deep clean the whole house before staging it.



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