Thursday, March 23

5 Pieces of Essential Garden Equipment

Late winter is time for planning your garden so you’re ready to get going when spring finally arrives. Chances are that you will have to keep replenishing supplies throughout the season, but you should stock up on the essentials now. If you’re a new gardener, you might not know what you need to start out with. The following guide may help you identify the essentials.

  1. Wheelbarrow

Gardening can involve more heavy lifting than you anticipate in the form of extra soil, mulch, or compost. A wheelbarrow can help you lift and carry more than you would probably be able to otherwise. If you have a very large garden, a wheelbarrow may not be sufficient, and you may have to look into utility trailer rental Pacific WA.

  1. Garden Hose

Though planting native or drought-resistant specimens can help, it’s very rare that you can depend entirely on rainfall to sustain your garden. You’ll probably have to do at least some irrigation, and a garden hose makes that possible. You may need additional irrigation accessories, such as a sprinkler, watering wand, etc.

  1. Digging Tools

Gardening typically means digging holes, and there are an array of tools you may need to help you do that. Examples include a spade, which helps you to make big holes, and a trowel, which allows you to dig smaller ones.

  1. Rake

It’s not enough just to plant your garden; you also have to maintain it. This means cleaning up leaves and debris so they don’t clutter the ground. An adjustable rake may be a good investment because it is like getting several different tools in one.

  1. Weeders and Pruners

Despite your best efforts, sometimes things that you do not want start growing in your garden, or things you do want become overgrown. Tools for weeding and pruning allow you to trim back the excess and remove the undesirables.

In addition to obtaining tools, you also need proper gear, such as gloves and a sunhat.


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