Monday, October 2

4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Being in the market to buy a new home is one of the most exciting experiences to go through. With that said, many people have a lot of questions.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for homebuyers to look for real estate agents Chilmark MA, to help them navigate the buying process. When getting to know an agent, ask these questions before hiring him or her.

  1. How Many Years Experience Do You Have in Real Estate?

You would not hire just anyone to build your house, so why would you hire just anyone to help you find the right one? The truth is that working with the right realtor can make a world of difference in your overall buying experience and the ultimate satisfaction that you end up having with your final purchase.

  1. Who Do You Primarily Work With?

Does the agent work with buyers, sellers or both? In many cases, real estate agents often specialize in working with one process or the other. In a similar way, many agents also have their own regions and home styles that they specialize in. Be sure to ask about any potential agent’s specialties.

  1. How Many Homes Do You Help Buyers Purchase Every Year?

According to the National Association for Realtors, real estate agents close on roughly 10 homes a year. With this number in mind, you may want to raise your eyebrow if a realtor says that he or she closes on way below that. This number can also give you a reasonable idea for what to expect moving forward.

  1. Do You Have References?

Finally, another great question to ask any potential realtor of yours is whether he or she has references that you can check. Ideally, he or she will have this information readily available. Most experienced agents can provide the contact information for such a request.

With these questions in mind, you will be better prepared to meet with your future real estate agent.

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