Sunday, October 1

3 Ways To Pump Up Your Property’s Curb Appeal

When you want to sell or rent your residence or property, pumping up its curb appeal makes it visually appealing to potential buyers or renters. From a cottage or a mansion to a kiosk or an office building, here are three ways to boost a property’s external visage and presentation.

  1. Hydroseed Your Frontage

A beautiful lawn is visually and emotionally appealing to passersby. To home buyers and renters, it offers natural beauty and a play place for kids and adults alike. To commercial buyers and renters, it provides a pleasant, green oasis in an otherwise urban setting. Search online for quality, affordable hydroseeders in your area. For example, enter “hydroseeding cost Southern California” in your search bar.

  1. Landscape Your Entry

Shrubberies, evergreens and arbors are some of the landscaping features you can install to pump up your entryway’s appeal to residential or commercial buyers or renters. So whether you add a rose-lined trellis to your home’s walkway or potted Japanese Sky Pencil Holly plants on either side of your business’s front entrance, thoughtfully chosen and placed greenery adds additional appeal to your property.

  1. Paint Your Property

There’s nothing like color to bring a house or building to life. Even painting your property’s front door a welcoming, cheerful shade can boost its overall curb appeal. For example, in the United Kingdom, a poll of real estate agents showed that blue is the most popular front door color when it comes to selling a house. The runners-up are green, grey, black and red.

Would you like more ideas on pumping up your property’s curb appeal? Check out home improvement, exterior designer and real estate blogs and websites. In addition, many online resources offer how-to articles with accompanying photos and product information. These extras can come in handy when you’re contemplating doing the work yourself.

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