Sunday, October 1

3 Tips for Prepping Your Home for Sale

Are you planning to sell your home Shawnee OK? Are you ready to start the process but are unsure how you should proceed? Putting a home on the market involves more than simply listing it on a website and waiting for the phone to start ringing. An important part of the proceedings is preparing the actual structure.

  1. Clean the Inside and the Outside

People are generally turned off by a messy or dirty facade. Dust on the ceiling fan blades and unused appliances and mold in random corners or creeping up the outer walls tend to lend themselves to negative connotations. You need to wipe off and polish sinks, doorknobs, faucets, bookshelves and other items that accumulate grime. A good vacuum and/or sweep usually doesn’t hurt either. Removing clutter grants rooms and hallways a more open, spacious feel. It is of especial importance to scrub down the bathroom and toilet, particularly if mildew has begun to encroach on the space. A pressure washer can be used to wash your home’s exterior. Besides making the place look better, cleaning it also eliminates elements that might distract from the features you want viewers to notice.

  1. Work on Raising Curb Appeal

The first sight that will meet the eyes of potential buyers is the outside of your home. One wrong thing can permanently mar the structure’s image in their mind, forming a little mark in the back of their brains that constantly casts a shadow over that integral first impression. Some things you can do to boost curb appeal are redoing the trim, neatening up any shrubs, installing window boxes, swapping out the gutters for new ones and more.

  1. Touch It Up 

Little additions can make all the difference. Even if it doesn’t seem to change much, small touches like a potted plant by the window, new curtains or a bright cushion for color contrast can really brighten up a room and alter the whole atmosphere.

Properly preparing your home for sale can help you attract more buyers. It is vital to the selling process.


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