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3 Things You Should Know Before Moving Down South


There is a reason why the southern states in the United States are highly desirable locations for those looking to retire or relocate. With favorable tax rates, low housing prices, and temperate climates, many people look to call the southern states home. For example, people over the age of 45 continue to rank Florida as one of the most desirable places to live when retired. Other states that also attract people looking to relocate in the south are South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. There is something about the combination of an easy-going lifestyle and the warm comfort of southern hospitality that makes it hard for people to leave. However, before moving, keep in mind these three things.

The weather

People from the north must endure rough winter weather that include snow and ice storms, nor’easters, sleet, and other conditions that are not typical in the south. Sure, if you move to North Carolina, you will see snow to some degree. However, these winter events are limited and not close to comparable to those of the northern states. If moving to places like Florida, snow is practically out of the realm of possibilities. The fact is that in Florida, it is possible to play golf every month of the year. There is a reason why the state is called the Sunshine State. Nevertheless, the hot weather does come at a price. First, most of these southern states are in areas that were once swamps. The consequence of which is high humidity and lots of mosquitos. It will take northerners some time to adapt. Furthermore, these states are susceptible to events like hurricanes and severe summer storms.

The southern lifestyle

Areas like South Carolina are known for their southern hospitality. People looking for mortgage loans to buy a property in the state will also receive gorgeous sunsets, smiles, and hellos from strangers. Whereas you may be accustomed to using headphone and walking quickly past people in the subway, southern culture will take some adaptation as this will not be the case. Furthermore, the lifestyle in the states is also one filled with sugar and hearty meals. Biscuits and gravy are a way of life, and not particularly the ones that use low-fat butter options.

Life also slows down when compared to northern states like New York. People in this area of the country are more relaxed. You will definitely notice the speed and politeness while driving. As you immerse yourself in this culture, observe how you, too, will calm down. The natural beauty of the surroundings, the recreational activities, and the easy access to the ocean will have you wondering what took so long to make the decision to move.

The incentives

Southern states like Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas do not have state income taxes. Although many may not immediately see why this is significant, it is actually a huge deal. Consider this scenario: New Jersey has an income tax rate of 6.37 percent for households that earn about 150,000 dollars a year. This is apart from income tax at the federal level. Over the next year, the average raise in salary is expected to be roughly 3.1 percent. Meaning, moving to a state without income taxes is like asking for—and receiving—an amazing raise. To make the move even more attractive, the cost of living in these states is much lower. Prices for homes for sale in West Jefferson are well below the cost of the same home in areas like New York and Connecticut. Therefore, apart from keeping more money, southern residents also spend less. With these advantages, it is no wonder why people continue to move down south.

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