Monday, October 2

3 Reasons You Should Get That Leaky Roof Repaired

Homeownership is an adventure. Whether it’s a hot water heater on the fritz, a tree hanging over the neighbor’s fence, or a patch of weeds, any number of situations can cause headaches for an owner. However, failing to get roof repair when a leak develops can cause much bigger issues.

  1. Water Damage

A drip here or there might not seem like a big deal, but leaks through your ceiling are usually the last symptom of a much bigger problem. The drips are a sign that you already have substantial damage to your roof, which is allowing water into your home. With time, that water will cause rot in your ceiling and your home’s support structure. If parts of your roof and ceiling start to fail, you may face expensive home improvement Lafayette LA costs that could have been prevented.

  1. Mold

A leaky roof can be a prime opportunity for mold to form inside your home. Mold thrives in dark, cool, and damp environments. Your attic provides five-star accommodations for mold that forms from water getting in through your roof. Mold isn’t always toxic to you or your family, but it can cause damage to your house frame and ceiling tiles. Much like fixing water damage, getting rid of mold can be a costly fix.

  1. Lower Home Value

First-time homeowners inevitably outgrow their first purchase and eventually look for something bigger and better. However, they might be in for a rude awakening if they let a leaky roof slide for several years. Hidden water and mold damage can impact the value of a home and make it more difficult to sell. The homeowner will often have to pay for repairs out of pocket before the house can close, impacting the final price.

While you can experience a variety of issues as a homeowner, many of which are simply part of the experience, it’s important to keep a strong and healthy roof. Don’t let leaks grow out of control.


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