Monday, October 2

3 Methods of Carpet Cleaning Used By Professionals

Plush carpeting is comfortable and warm under your feet, which is why many people choose to have carpet throughout their home. Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning keep the carpets looking great for a long time, but a deep clean done by a professional can make them look like new again. You may not even realize how dingy the carpets are until you see them after a thorough cleaning. Here are three different cleaning methods professionals use to freshen up your carpeting.

  1. Shampoo

Shampoo may be the first thing you think of for a carpet cleaning, but it’s actually the least effective method. Instead of a thorough clean, it can lodge extra residue into the deeper parts of your carpet near the padding. Many companies have transferred to an encapsulated process that uses less water. If you need a carpet cleaning because of water damage, you want your local water damage services Snell VA to use a method that lets water escape instead of making it worse.

  1. Dry

Dry carpet cleaning is gaining popularity because there is no need to wait for carpeting to dry after it’s been washed. Cleaning compounds, usually in powder form, are brushed into the carpet and allowed to settle and attract dirt. The particles are then thoroughly removed at the end of the cleaning process. This can be helpful in commercial spaces or a busy household that need a carpet cleaned quickly without any downtime.

  1. Steam

Steam cleaning sends high-pressured hot water into the carpet to agitate the fibers and remove dirt. A cleaning agent is used and the carpet is rinsed before it is left to air dry. It can take up to four hours to dry.

Because there are various methods of carpet cleaning, you can choose the one that works best with your lifestyle and household.


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