Monday, October 2

3 Jobs With Flexible Schedules

For many, the 9 to 5 job isn’t feasible; however, people still want to work and find happiness in completing a task. It just needs to revolve around other obstacles such as kids and family events. For these people, who desire something with a flexible schedule, it’s important to seek a career that offers options in hours and days. Here are three possibilities.

  1. Realtor

Some locations are seeing a major boom in the housing market, which is good for the local agencies looking to make a profit. Agents often receive about 2 to 3% of the sale. Depending on the price of local houses, you may have to sell a few to make your yearly salary.

As an independent worker, pick out when you prefer to work and how many homes you sell. Just be sure to research how to get a real estate license Boston before you start taking clients.

  1. Content Writer

Web pages need content, and many companies prefer to outsource the work. Writers may create blogs, articles or product descriptions. This job is simple to do from home, allowing employees to set their own schedules. Several online networks allow writers to offer services as a freelance position. Pick up projects based on availability.

  1. Personal Shoppers

The recent pandemic unveiled the ease and convenience of allowing others to shop for you. Businesses began to see an uptick in personal shoppers grabbing groceries and home supplies. Shoppers work for a company that oversees the placement and orders. That information is relayed via phone to the shopper who communicates with the client. Employees have the ability to schedule days and hours, making this a position that offers a great deal of opportunity and flexibility. Many businesses offer tips along with hourly wages.

Some careers don’t follow the traditional rules, but they can still prove rewarding. Look for opportunities that allow you to enjoy your time and create your own schedule.


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