Sunday, October 1

Think Outside the Box With These Fun Home Improvement Projects

If you’re like most people, you can’t afford to build your own house. Instead, you purchase an existing one and modify it to suit your tastes. When you want to make your house unique but you’re short on ideas, try one of these tips.

Replace Plain Walls With Brick

Most people are used to walls made out of drywall and covered with paint. To add an extra level of texture and some new colors to your living room or kitchen, cover one of your walls in bricks. If you’re wondering, “Where can I find a¬†brick dealer near me?“, take a quick look online. Many brick suppliers use reclaimed materials, making your project both aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly.

Remove a Wall

Walls that do not bear weight and simply break up your floorplan are called partition walls. With the help of an architect, identify the partition walls on your first floor and remove them. An open floorplan allows you to entertain people more easily and makes your house seem bigger. Even if your house is part of a planned subdivision, your layout will become unique.

Install an Aquarium

When you were little, you probably had a fishbowl with a few goldfish from the county fair. As an adult, take advantage of your resources to build an upscale version that will wow visitors and give you something soothing to look at when you’re stressed. Purchase a large aquarium for your local pet store, or have a professional install one in your wall. Then, buy exotic fish such as koi or cichlids. If you buy¬†different kinds of fish, make sure that they thrive in the same ecosystems and that they aren’t predators for each other.

Hang Hammocks 

You associate hammocks with college campuses and camping trips, but they’re also great ways to shake up your house’s layout. String a few in your living room to provide casual and comfortable seating. Make sure that your walls are strong enough to bear the extra weight, then install hooks to hold your hammocks. If your walls can’t handle the strain, install poles in your living room floor to stand in for trees.

When you’re planning home improvement projects, it’s easy to get stuck with the same ideas as everyone else. To create a unique feel for your house, don’t be afraid to complete drastic renovations or tap into your childhood memories. The result is a fun and relaxing place that truly feels like home.


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