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Steps To Take When Relocating Your Business

If your business has outgrown its current location and you need more space, it’s time to relocate. Expanding is reason to celebrate, however, transferring an entire company is a lot of work. To keep the moving process simple, here are four steps to successfully relocate your business.

Formulate a Timeline

If you’ve already secured a new building, your next step for relocating is to formulate a timeline. Hold a staff meeting to inform all employees, and decide on a move date. This will allow you to select when to switch-over utilities, change addresses on documents and modify insurance policies.

Hire Moving Help

When you’re moving an entire office, you’ll need to move heavy and awkward furniture from one place to another. To avoid serious injury or damaging equipment, you’re better off hiring office equipment movers Hopkins MN. Professionals in the moving business are experienced in transporting bulky pieces quickly and safely.

Inform Customers

As soon as you’ve secured your new location and have a moving date, it’s time to let your clients and vendors know. Send out postcards informing everyone of your new address and put up plenty of signs inside and outside your building. It’s also a good idea to take out a newspaper or radio ad.

Stagger the Move

Instead of relocating everything all at once, it might serve you better to stagger the move. This works particularly well if you have a large customer base. You may even want to run both locations at the same time until all business is completely transferred.

Keep It Positive

Moving your business to a better location should be a happy time. To make it a positive experience, keep a strict timeline, hire movers to facilitate the process and notify your customers and vendors early on. The sooner you begin planning, the easier a business relocation will be for everyone.



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