Saturday, September 30

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open with Your Employees

In any organization, it’s imperative to keep the lines of communication open between employees and the boss. Knowledge is power and knowledge is also safety and comfort. It’s difficult to do your job well if you’re forever worried about what goes on behind closed doors. Consider implementing some changes in your office to create a more open atmosphere.

Open Spaces

Having an open-door policy as a boss is a great way to show that you care about your employees. Unfortunately, this is not always practical in real life when sometimes quiet is necessary to get work done or to take a phone call. One solution is to install glass room dividers Toronto that create an open feel but still allow privacy when needed. Another option is to have a weekly time in a conference room where anyone can come in to talk about anything with the boss. Employees appreciate the access to the manager and appreciate the idea that they are not interrupting something important.


Maintaining confidentiality when speaking with employees is paramount. No one wants to hear another version of a story they told in confidence floating around the break room. Even though it will be difficult at times, keeping your word and being trustworthy is of great importance if you want to build positive relationships with your staff.


Nobody likes to get lied to, so if you can’t discuss a topic when questioned directly, it’s best to admit that you can’t talk about it rather than spread half-truths. Your employees will appreciate your honesty and respect you for keeping information confidential. It will most likely make them more willing to discuss uncomfortable topics with you in the future.

Creating a work environment where everyone feels valued is the key to a great business. This type of positive atmosphere is often determined by the communication skills of the person in charge.

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