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How To Care for Ranch Animals

Animals are the lifeblood of any working ranch. You depend on raising healthy animals that draw a good price at market for you to turn a profit, so keeping your animals in good condition should be one of your top priorities. Here are three tips to help you care for your ranch animals properly.

Make Sure Your Property Is the Right Size for Your Herd

Different types of livestock require different amounts of grazing land to stay healthy. You may be able to adequately support dozens of pigs with just a few acres, but because horses and cows require approximately two acres of land per animal, you will need a large chunk of land to support a sizeable herd. Maintaining a large herd without enough land will cause your animals’ health to decline. To keep your livestock from wandering off, surround your property with high-quality ranch fencing Texas.

Have a Vet on Call

Just like domestic pets, sometimes livestock get sick and injured and need medical care. You can’t afford to spend a ton of money on each animal if you want to turn a profit, but if you want to keep your animals as healthy as possible, have a vet you trust on standby for emergencies. This is especially important if the sick animal is a member of your breeding stock.

Erect Shelter for Your Animals

Animals sometimes need shelter during inclement weather. You may not be able to provide a barn if you have a large herd, but you can erect a lean-to that can knock the chill off or protect your animals from torrential rain. If you’re trying to save money, a lean-to is a cost-efficient alternative to a barn.

Caring for ranch animals isn’t too different from caring for pets. Take proper care of your ranch animals using these three tips so you can help your ranch be successful.


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