Monday, October 2

Best Supports for the Proper Property Management Now

To be a landlord is to bear a permanent responsibility. Imagine how much time you can save by freeing yourself from having to answer calls, letters and addresses of the tenant, and then solve the problems! We provide a property management service in order to save you from these worries and allow you to simply profit from your investments in real estate.

The fact that today tenants also prefer to deal with the management company rather than with the owner is no longer in doubt, because this option frees both sides of unnecessary stress. Both landlords and tenants feel more confident knowing that they do not need to worry more about water leaks or late payments, as with any of these and other problems one can always contact the agency. Now that New Concept Property Management is coming, the results are perfect.

Having granted the Princess House agency the right to manage your accommodation, you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of renting services and our simple and understandable property management program. We are justifiably proud of the high quality of our services in the field of leasing and property management, which we are ready to provide both to new landlords and to those who already have rich experience and a large portfolio of real estate for rent.

When deciding which agency should be given the right to manage their housing, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the cost, but also to the maintenance of the service itself. In our agency you will be able to get professional assistance from specialists in real estate, and an individual approach will help you to find the right tenant as soon as possible. To get the most out of your investment in real estate, take advantage of the following advantages of our services.

Content of the property management service:

  • Expert advice
  • Professional marketing
  • Selection of tenant
  • Checking tenant
  • Drawing up a lease agreement
  • Acceptance of payment for rent
  • Checking the condition of the property upon check-in / check-out
  • Detailed Inventory Report
  • Reception / transfer of keys and the real estate
  • House inspection and cleaning before renting out
  • Arrangement of the tenant’s occupation upon the object’s lease
  • Termination of the owner’s obligations to pay utility bills / Checking the payment of bills by the previous tenant
  • Individual work of a specific specialist with your object
  • Organization of payment of related costs
  • Supervision of eviction of tenants
  • Extension of the lease agreement with tenants
  • Lawyer consulting
  • Dispute resolution

Representation of your interests and consultations on all issues of legislation in the field of the right to real estate is important. Thesupervision of real estate and re-introduction of the property to the market after the eviction of previous tenants and before the introduction of the following is also important.


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