Sunday, October 1

4 Ways a Roof Leak Can Become Serious Trouble

A hard winter can bring about many problems and one of the most common is a roof leak. Heavy snow, or the formation of an ice dam, can suddenly bring on that all too familiar dripping sound. If you’re tempted to set out a bucket and call it good, that leak could turn into something serious. Here are four ways an ignored leak can cause you a major headache.

Stained Ceilings

If a leak is left long enough, your ceilings and walls will become discolored. These noticeable brown stains will ruin the entire look of a room especially if you worked hard to make a textured ceiling. This moisture will eventually buckle, peel and fall apart.

Mold Growth

Mold is a dangerous word when it has anything to do with your home. Unfortunately, when moisture is involved, it’s the perfect breeding ground. Waiting too long before seeking roof leak repair Denver CO, increases the risk of harmful mold growth.

Damaged Personal Property

Depending on the location of your leak, you could be looking at severe damage to possessions stored in your attic or artwork on your walls. A leak that goes unnoticed, or if you’re away on vacation, can also destroy your flooring, furniture and whatever it hits.

Structural Problems

It’s hard to believe that one leak can cause so much damage, but putting off repairs can result in the rotting of roof decking, attic floors and even wall studs. Sometimes the leak can pool up around the outside of the home, too. This moisture can seep into the foundation and basement, turning into an expensive repair.

Peace of Mind

If you have a leak in your roof that acted up last winter, it hasn’t miraculously disappeared. Now is the time to have it repaired before the snow flies. Knowing that that annoying leak is finally gone will give you peace of mind over the next few months.


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