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4 Tips To Care for Your Septic System

If you’ve recently purchased a country home, this could be your first experience owning a septic tank. Instead of relying on city water and sewer, you have well water and a septic system. Caring for a septic tank is nothing complicated, and here are four simple tips to keep it in tip-top shape.

Have Regular Septic Inspections

You probably know that septic tanks need to be regularly pumped and this should happen every three to five years depending on water usage. If you’ve just purchased the home, it’s best to call septic tank services Lindenhurst for an initial inspection. After that, inspecting it every three years is good practice.

Know the Location of the Drainfield

drainfield is the area where water coming from the septic tank is filtered out, removing contaminants. You need to know the exact location of this area so it can be monitored. Never plant trees, or park your car, over a drainfield. It should also be free of any other flowing water such as from a sump pump.

Be Efficient With Water

You already know saving water is a good thing, but when you have a septic tank, less water also means a more efficient system. Aim to wash smaller loads of laundry, or do so less frequently. You can also save water by using only high-efficiency toilets and showerheads.

Use Your Drain As Intended

Your septic system will always work well if you treat it right. Never put anything down the drain that you shouldn’t such as grease, baby wipes, chemicals or food. If you have a garbage disposal, limit its use or forego it altogether.

Have a Reliable Company On Call

Using a septic system might be brand new to you, but it’s not complicated. Having a reliable septic company on call, watching your water usage and keeping the drainfield area clear will make caring for a septic tank easier than you imagined.


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