Thursday, March 23

3 Tips for Creating an Elegant Living Room

While interior decorating is fun for many people, others find it stressful because they have a difficult time achieving the look they want. One of the hardest décor schemes to pull off successfully is an elegant living room. If you’re struggling with choosing the right colors and accents pieces to make your living room look classy and elegant, use these three tips to make the process easier.

Use Elegant Accents

Accent pieces set the tone of your room. While the style of your furniture is vital, even rooms with classy furniture can look chaotic and thrown together if you decorate solely with whimsical or traditional accents. Try incorporating beautiful Persian rugs Atlanta to bring elegance to the room. You may also want to use grandfather clocks, statues and glass vases with flowers as part of your décor. For wall décor, choose a classic landscape painting if you want the room to look elegant.

Choose Your Color Scheme Wisely

Color is a great way to enhance your living space but you should be careful not to overdo it. You can choose to paint the walls or use colorful accents but you shouldn’t use both strategies together if you want a classy living room. If you choose to paint the walls, opt for a dark, rich color for elegance. Deep red and hunter green hues work beautifully for classy living rooms. You should then choose furniture and accents with neutral tones to balance out the color scheme. For example, if you paint the living room deep blue, try using gray furniture. In contrast, if you choose to paint the walls a neutral color such as beige or light gray, you can use bright accent pieces to give the room a pop of color.

Avoid Clutter

The quickest way to make a room feel chaotic instead of classy is to fill it with a lot of clutter. If you want the room to look elegant, you need to think of quality instead of quantity in terms of decorating. You don’t want the room to look sparse, but you also don’t want it to look messy. If you have shelves or bookcases to display accents on, arrange them nicely instead of stuffing the shelf full. Use large accent pieces such as plants to decorate elegantly without making the room look cluttered.

Decorating a living room is a task that some people find difficult. If you’re going for an elegant theme, use these three tips to design a space you will love.


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