Sunday, October 1

3 Things to Discuss Before Getting Married

The proposal story, shiny ring and wedding plans may be on the minds and lips of newly engaged couples, but there are other important topics to discuss before the big day arrives. Failing to get on the same page about certain issues can lead to marriage troubles and even divorce.

  1. Permanent Residence

Perhaps one partner loves the idea of moving across the country to start a new life, while the other prefers to stay in his or her hometown forever. While this may seem insurmountable, if both partners are willing to compromise, they can find a place to live that suits them both. Perhaps they can live near the hometown while traveling several times a year. Looking for places online or talking to a real estate agent West Hartford CT can help them hammer out the details and find a dream house.

  1. Children

This is a touchy issue for many couples. It can be difficult to compromise, especially if one person wants a large family with the other wishes to remain without children. Couples should be on the same page about how many children they want and what their parenting styles will be. Otherwise, this conflict could arise throughout the marriage.

  1. Finances

Partners should put all of their financial information out in the open before they get married. They can then take that information and talk about mutual financial goals. Whether it is paying off debt, saving for retirement or starting a business, they should both fully commit to the plan before getting married. It is a good idea to revisit the plan periodically as things change to head off issues before they grow into serious problems.

Getting married is a wonderful event and can be a great way for two people to declare their love and devotion to the world. By developing healthy communication patterns early on, they can help ensure their marriage is happy.


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