Sunday, October 1

3 Great Home Upgrades for the Best Summer Ever

Looking to have summer fun with your family, but can’t leave the house? Luckily, there are key home upgrades that can take your indoor and outdoor entertaining to the next level. Here are three things you should do if you want to have the best summer ever with your family.

Build a Pool

For a refreshing way to enjoy the warm summer sun, install a pool in your backyard. There are so many options for designing and building your own pool, and expert installers of fiberglass pools Missouri will speed up the process and help you decide what features work best for your needs. I no time at all, your family will be splashing and relaxing in your beautiful new pool.

Install a Fire Pit

Give your family a cozy space to gather this summer by adding a fire pit to your backyard. You can go the traditional wood-burning route and build a simple fire pit yourself from bricks or concrete pavers. If tending to a fire isn’t your thing, install a natural gas-burning fireplace on a patio or other level surface to give you that campfire feeling without the extra maintenance.

Create a Home Theater

If you need to take a break from the summer heat, a home theater is a great indoor entertainment option that the whole family will love. You could dedicate a section of your basement or attic to your new theater, or you could use an empty bedroom or office. Find the right screen to fit the size of your room and give everyone a good view. Add some plush theater seating and some decorative touches like vintage movie posters and wall sconces for dramatic mood lighting and you’ll enjoy the magic of the movie theater from the comfort of home.

Follow these tips and your home will become your family’s favorite place for summer adventure and fun!

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