Sunday, October 1

3 Best Tips for Creating Your Kid-Friendly Backyard

Feel like you’ve tried everything to inspire your kids to head outdoors and get active? Encourage outdoor play and keep your kids close to home by giving your backyard a kid-friendly transformation. Here are three great tips for creating a backyard paradise for your kids.

  1. Improve the Lawn

Every kid-friendly backyard needs to have the proper surface for outdoor play, and there’s really nothing better than lush, green grass. Since grass is a tricky plant to keep healthy, it’s best to leave lawn maintenance to the professionals. Get some lawn care estimates Arlington VA to see how easy and affordable it is to have the healthiest lawn on the block!

  1. Create Privacy

Privacy is an important consideration to take into account if you want to create a kid-friendly backyard. There are plenty of great ways to add some privacy to your backyard, from a standard privacy fence to a green screen of dense shrubbery. The most attractive option, though, may be a combination of the two. Install a fiberglass fence that will stand up to the outdoor elements and plant hedges or shrubs for the entire length of the fence line to soften the appearance where the fence meets the ground.

  1. Add Fun Features

Now comes the fun part – adding the great backyard features that your kids will love. Be sure to ask your kids what features they would like the most. A playground is a backyard staple that will inspire hours of play. Also, consider creating your own obstacle course. The best part about this project is that you can adjust the obstacles to your kids’ skill level, allowing for an entertaining challenge that they can grow into.

Inspire your kids, and maybe even yourself, to ditch the electronics and get some fun and exercise in your own backyard. Follow these tips and you’ll encourage your kids to pursue healthy, active play in the great outdoors.

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