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13 Top Tips to Sell a Property With Real Estate Marketing

By: Tim Green

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or an agent, most people will want to sell a property as quickly as possible once they put it on the market. The goal is usually to get the best price with the fewest issues. Doing this usually requires that the seller and an agent work together to get things done right.

Doing all the right things is the best way of getting the house sold fast and for a good price. Here we’ll take a look at the steps you will want to take to ensure a successful home sale. When you follow these tips you will greatly increase the chances of getting a qualified buyer too close quickly.

1. Choosing the Right Asking Price

This is first and perhaps the most crucial tip on selling your home. If you don’t get this part right it makes the other tips more difficult to achieve. Having a good agent to work with will greatly improve the chances that you’ll understand what your asking price should be. A good agent will know how to determine what price will be attractive to buyers.

2. Professional Photographs

Photographs of the home will be one of the primary things used to get a buyer’s interest. Getting professionally enhanced photos is paramount to effective marketing.

3. Meet With Multiple Estate Agents

Having a great agent will play a pivotal role in your success. Bad agents abound and for this reason, you need to take the process of selecting a good one seriously.

4. They Should Have a Great Website

In this day and age, it is important to have a digital presence. The site should look professional and it should highlight all of the agent’s listings.

5. Check the Agents’ Track Record

Does the agent successfully sell their listings? What kind of price do they get compared to what their listings asked for? How many days does their listing stay on the market before they sell?

6. Check Their References

One of the best ways to determine how well an agent will do for you is to see how others feel about that agent. Try to make sure the references aren’t just handpicked by the agent.

7. How Do They Plan to Market Your Property?

The agent should be able to clearly identify how they plan to market your property online and offline. Make sure to check how theyĆ­re marketing their other listings and how well those marketing methods are working.

8. Descriptions

Take a look at other listings and see the types of descriptions they give for those homes. Determine if you feel the descriptions are accurate and promote the home well.


9. Have a Video Tour on the Website

Make sure the agent uses video walkthroughs on their website to promote your home. This is one of the newer but highly effective marketing methods available today. Slideshow presentations or very effective. This means even when there’s not enough money for other types of videos, you still have an inexpensive way to effectively promote the sale of the house.

10. Drone Footage

This is another of the more modern marketing methods. Using this method you can show all your neighbourhood and surrounding homes.

11. Social Media Campaigns

Agents who know how to run an effective social media campaign often have the greatest success with selling their listings. A high percentage of people participate on a daily basis with one social media platform or another and with the use of mobile devices it’s an easy way to
promote a home.

12. Professional Brochure

It is just as important with the sale of a home as with any product that professional marketing material be used. If the agent you are interviewing uses a plain black and white sheet with multiple listings for marketing material then you should kick them to the curb. The agent should use brochures that are printed on quality stock and are in full colour.

13. Professional Mailings

When the agent sends out postcards they often reach an audience that can help to sell the home. Don’t be fooled into believing that print marketing is dead. Postcard mailings continue to be an effective part of real estate marketing and greatly helps to get the word out about the new listing.

You can find these and other marketing tips explained in further detail by following the link. It’s recommended you take enough time to read through each tip to understand how to best sell your home. Those who follow the advice given here are highly likely to get a good result.

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