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Are you considering biofuel fireplace ideas for your contemporary home? Every modern fireplace is unique in its sense, but every home requires new ideas when renovating to a modernised fireplace. Due to the advancement in technology and power, fireplaces have had to undergo a significant remodelling. Bioethanol fireplaces don’t require chimneys, can be installed anywhere and use eco-friendly fuel. Modern furnaces are usually simple with few accessories and have a stylish, sleek design. Renovating a modern fireplace involves replacement and coming up with fashionable design that suits the space.

  1. Getting started

Before starting with the biofuel fireplace remodel ideas – first, ensure that the fireplace is in excellent condition. Examine the fireplace trim, inner walls and the mantle for loose bricks and cracks.

  1. The vision

Visualise how your contemporary biofuel fireplace will look. Keep in mind the reason for remodelling, i.e., to update the style of a room or for ambiance. For great inspirations, visit modern fireplace inspiration pages to gather the best modern designs.

  1. Get the right details

Fireplaces are set up for specific reasons. Some are perfect for creating ambience, while others are for heating large spaces. Before remodelling your fireplace, you will need to have accurate measurements and make the right decision. These questions will help get the correct details for your modern fireplace:

What are the dimensions of the existing fireplace?

Are you replacing or installing a new fireplace.

What’s the primary function of the fireplace and what materials will surround it (celling, wall etc.).

What is the size of the room?

  1. Purchase and installation

After careful consideration of what you need to revolutionise your fireplace, visit an authorised fireplace dealer and share your renovation ideas, visions and space details.

  1. Customisation

For a modern biofuel fireplace, you have to take advantage of personalisation. You can customise the products with vignette, faceplate and fire bed accessories for a contemporary look.

  1. Go for a linear fireplace for your modern home

With the linear fireplace, you will be able to heat your room with the same warm as a traditional one without affecting the contemporary fireplace design. This design brings a full view of the flame in the room. It is a contemporary design that brings a retro feel in your modern home.

7 Add accessories

Adding accessories will give your fireplace a modern look. For instance, you can add a screen to your fireplace. Fireplace screens come in different size. Go for the one that suits your fireplace and dress up the look of your room.

  1. Do not forget the mantle makeovers

Mantles add volume and size to your fireplace, and it is easy to remodel them. A contemporary mantel will give space for decorative items like clock pieces and candles. Get tall vases with colourful flowers for a modern fireplace. You can also add a book to the fireplace shelf if reading is your passion.

  1. Try slate

Slates are usually unique and stunning. They are made up of other rocks like granite and quartz. They decorate the fireplace surround and are famous for their styles and strength in modern home décor with a sleek contemporary feel.

  1. Create an outdoor barbecue area

Landscaping your garden or patio area, you can create a great barbecue space with a biofuel fireplace as the feature. Hire paving contractors to build in a space for your biofuel fireplace installation. They can transform the space into a modern and inviting area to host your guests.

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