Sunday, October 1

Your Fashionable Outdoor Celebration

With the COVID pandemic raging, people have gotten very creative with how we’ve continued to live our lives with the restrictions we need respect in order to not spread this disease. Some of these solutions are bound to last past the pandemic’s end because not only are they inventive, they’ve enhanced our lives, too. One of these lasting trends is the outdoor celebration.

I Do

Just because your celebration is outdoors doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include personal touches that both reflect your personality and incorporate the latest in home designs and trends. A wedding should always reflect the likes of the couple getting married. You can accomplish this easily by choosing a flexible space and then customizing it to your color palette and style. Bringing the outdoors in to soften spaces is a fresh take on home décor; bringing some indoor elements – like vintage items repurposed as decoration – outside can offer panache to a monochromatic landscape. Speaking of color, there are a variety of styles of garden trellises available. These can not only showcase flowers but add the dimension of height to spaces where things usually grow low and they can be used to define spaces into different ‘rooms’ for use.

Small Gatherings

As pandemic restrictions ease and we become more comfortable reconnecting physically with our loved ones, some of us are holding small get-togethers in our backyards. Because we’re home more, we’re recognizing the need to personalize our outdoor entertainment areas to reflect our style. Bring the indoors out by using color outside. Skip the neutrals and tone-on-tone that designers are now leaving behind. Opt for hues that reflect you. Coordinate or contrast your color palate with sturdy outdoor furniture, flowers and their planters. Soften hard edges with durable outdoor fabrics that are now being offered for upholstery, blankets and throw pillows.

Working creatively within the guidelines, you can still lead a reasonably normal existence even in uncertain times while still staying fabulously fashionable.


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