Monday, October 2

Why You Need a Pool Enclosure in Florida

With the tropical temperatures abounding in Florida, it makes sense to have a pool to use throughout the year. Building a pool enclosure can increase the enjoyment of your outdoor space tremendously. Here are the major reasons why you need a screen around your pool.


One of the main reasons you need to install pool enclosures Winter Park FL is to keep out unwanted critters from entering your pool. Florida is a hotspot for alligators, lizards and bugs, none of which you want to find hanging out in your pool. Keep the wildlife where it belongs, on the outside of your screened addition, so you and your family can enjoy your pool without any stress.

Easier Maintenance

A pool enclosure can keep out all manner of debris, such as sticks, leaves and grass, which means your pool maintenance routine is much easier. Instead of constantly vacuuming your pool out, you can enjoy floating on the surface instead. It will also prevent your pool filter from getting clogged so you don’t have costly repairs in the future.

Sun Protection

The Florida heat can be brutal. Instead of letting it hit you year-round, leading to sunburns and unhealthy tanning, build a screen room to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Your pool water temperature will also stay cooler so you don’t have to feel like you’re swimming in a bathtub.

Add Value To Your Home

An extended living space always adds value to your home and a pool enclosure is no different. You have the ability to open the doors from your indoor living areas into the screened area without worrying about bugs entering your home. This adds expansiveness and spaciousness to your home.

A pool enclosure can be the best investment for your home in Florida. With so many benefits to enjoy, it’s a smart move so you can enjoy your pool in every season.


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