Sunday, October 1

Top 3 Commission Based Jobs

You can make a lot of money in a commission-based job if you are a solid communicator who can close a deal. This type of earning structure may not offer much stability at first, but when you get paid through commission, there is no limit. The high earning structure is worth the gamble for some people. If this type of compensation sounds exciting to you, there are many jobs that you can try.

Real Estate

Real estate agents help their clients rent, sell or buy new properties. They earn a percentage of each sale, usually around 3%. Agents have flexible schedules and can work from anywhere. The more they sell and list properties, the more commission they earn. The unlimited income potential attracts a lot of savvy salesmen to this career. However, real estate agents have no real shield against a turn in the market.  Each state dictates how to get a real estate license Boston. Usually, a class and test are required.

Travel Agent

Travel agents plan and book travel. They may do this for individuals, groups or corporations. Travel agents will purchase airline tickets, train tickets or car rentals for their clients. They can make hotel or resort reservations and even plan daily activities. Most agents also make themselves available in case of changes to vacation plans. For these agents, a fee is charged on top of the commission. Travel agents earn a commission from hotels, airlines and resorts. They receive a percentage of the vendor’s sale. There is no formal education required to be a travel agent.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives sell items or services to companies and governments. They must find new clients while also supporting existing clients. Sales representatives negotiate prices and write sales contracts. They earn a commission based on the number of sales they close. Some representatives work solely for one manufacturer while others work for many. The highest-paid sales representatives generally are in technical or scientific industries.


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