Thursday, March 23

Tips for Finding a Great Commercial Property to Lease

Business owners, particularly small business owners, wear many hats. They are typically involved in every aspect of their business in one way or another. However, finding a place for the business to live and grow can be challenging and involves more than searching for commercial property leasing West Chester PA.

Identify Your Needs

Your first step in finding a commercial property to lease is to identify your needs. Include your business’ size and expected future growth to determine how large the commercial space needs to be. However, you may have other specific needs. For example, manufacturing companies need special electrical capabilities and industrial spaces. If you have servers, you need an enclosed area with temperature-control capabilities. Write down all the characteristics of your business that impact the type of property you need. Don’t forget to include your budget.

Consult With Your Employees

Employees prefer stability, and moving a business is difficult for everyone. Therefore, consider meeting with your employees and getting them involved in the process. Ask about how moving to another location may impact their daily commutes and schedules. Find out if they have suggestions that will make their jobs easier or more comfortable, such as separate rooms or added space around machinery. Employee surveys are a great starting tool. You may even bring a few employees to commercial property showings to get their opinions.

State Your Desires

Is there anything special you want in your building? For example, are you looking for high ceilings or a building with old-world charm? Also, do some research on the commercial zones in your area. Is there a specific area you are interested in?

Review the Paperwork

Go over your lease carefully. Look for information on what you can and cannot do to and on the property, its terms and limitations. Identify any building maintenance you are responsible for. Finally, learn about your liabilities and subletting capabilities. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and negotiate terms.

If you are looking for a new commercial space, consider working with an established commercial property management company.


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