Sunday, October 1

Three Areas to Clean Before Moving In

Whether you’re starting a lease on an apartment, buying a previously-owned home or moving into a brand-new build, you’re going to want to make sure this space is clean before you move in your personal belongings. You may be surprised at what appears to be clean at first glance, but is seriously dirty after further inspection. Before you settle into your new place, check these three areas off of your cleaning list.

Have Your Carpets and Floors Professionally Cleaned

Book an appointment with carpet cleaning services in Adamstown MD to get your floors sparkling clean before move-in day. Dwellings that were previously occupied can harbor allergens, pet dander, odors and stains on every floor surface. However, even new carpet can still be dirty from other construction and improvements and foot traffic. Start with a fresh clean slate to keep your floors looking and smelling their best.

Give Cabinets and Drawers Some Detailed Attention

Before you unload your dishes, toiletries and cleaning supplies, give your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers a thorough cleaning. Vacuum out any debris or dust, use a wet cloth to wipe them out, and allow them to air dry completely. These surfaces are rarely cleaned by homeowners and are prone to moisture and spills. Make sure nothing is lurking in the back corner before you stock your cabinets and drawers.

Scrub Your Tub From Top to Bottom

Even if your bathtub or shower looks clean, it’s wise to scrub it with a disinfectant before the first use. If it’s been used before, it can harbor germs and bacteria from other individuals, which you don’t want ending up on your feet. Brand new showers and tubs tend to be a catch-all during renovations and buildings and can be slick with dust and dirt as a result. Either way, a quick scrub with bleach can have it sparkling and clean in no time.

Moving into your new home is an exciting time! Just be sure to clean it properly before moving in to help protect yourself and your belongings.


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