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Property for sale prices in Turkey

As the number of new construction sites in Turkey and urban transformation projects increase every day, there are price drops.  According to researches, real-estate prices for sale in 81 cities in Turkey have increased by 0.97% in November compared to the previous month and increased by 7.1% compared to the same month of the previous year. This is because people with savings have turned price drops into opportunities and used them to buy real-estate. We might say that 2019 is the best time to use savings for investment. In fact, there are multiple reasons for this. Decreased interest rates for the real-estate sector by banks, general positive outlook of the market and other factors show that this year is the best time for investment. Of course, you can wait for the next year as well. But since it is not clear how the expectations will reach and will the expected price drops will be experienced, it might be better to buy a real-estate in 2019. It is better to assess by considering the increasing number of property for sale in Turkey numbers and movement in the stagnant sector and this shows that 2019 is the best year for profitable investment.

Differences between the new property and second-hand property

Of course, the cost to buy a new apartment, store or a different real-estate property is higher. Since the changes in new constructions are high and since apartments are constructed with different properties, the price differences can be huge. But if you want to buy affordable real-estate, you can check the second-hand market. Since the number of urgent sales and selling old apartments to buy new apartments is high, second-hand real-estate prices on the market are more affordable. Of course, individuals must be careful about how to act about real-estate and which firms do they need to trust for investment. There are many firms working on or offering house for sale in Turkey services. We will end up with a large number when we divide the total number into the number of districts and neighbourhoods. When we evaluate this situation over the need for property, you will see the high number of real estate agents. Therefore, you need to ask help from reliable and experienced firms and be careful about real estate for sale or rent to be profitable.

The most reliable real-estate firms in Turkey

Of course, the high number of real estate agents lead to some question marks. Especially, the high number of firms with a flexible commission or providing misleading information led to increasing doubts towards such firms. However, individuals must know reliable, disciplines firms that care for customer satisfaction. When you search for firms that are successful in the property for sale in Turkey and customer satisfaction and when you find such firms, you will be comfortable in a financial sense and you can easily act without any question marks about trust. You can visit our website to make the right investment at the right time and reach us via our contact information or on


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