Monday, October 2

Landscaping on a Budget

Stuck in a landscaping rut? While you can go all out and completely redo your landscaping, you can also keep it simple and achieve beautiful results. Taking a few small steps can satisfy your need for beauty and make have your yard the talk of the neighborhood.

  1. Clean Up

Pull weeds and remove any debris or trash from your yard. Rake leaves and take the weedwhacker to the edges of your lawn for a crisp finish.

  1. Trim Trees and Shrubs

Overgrown trees and shrubbery can be a major eyesore. Trimming them back will give your garden a more polished look instantly. For large projects, such as trimming tall trees, you can call on a tree trimming Cincinnati service.

  1. Lay Mulch

Adding fresh mulch to any yard creates a fresh, cared-for look. The added bonus is that mulch also helps to slow or prevent the growth of weeds. Beautiful to the eye and useful, what’s not to love? Mulch comes in several colors, so choose the color that best fits the current landscaping.

  1. Add Plants

Fill noticeable bare spots in a garden with new plants. Adding a few new plants to spruce up your yard won’t break the bank and will keep eyes drawn to lovely plant life rather than that drain pipe you’ve been meaning to fix for the last few years. Keep in mind the climate in your area and whether that part of your yard gets a lot of sun or shade in order to select plants that will thrive in your yard.

Unkempt landscaping can leave homeowners feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. If you start small and tackle one thing at a time, you can achieve the look you crave on a tight budget. You’ll reap the benefits when your landscaping brings a smile to your face.


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