Saturday, September 30

How To Organize a Craft Room

Having a dedicated crafting room is the dream of many creative people. Once you get one, though, it can be easy to let it fall into disarray. Most types of crafting have a lot of small pieces to keep track of. Here are some tips for setting up a craft room that you can easily keep organized.

Use Wheeled Storage

Organizing your crafting supplies using wheeled carts is a great way to keep things tidy. If you’re going to spend some time on a sewing project, roll the cart filled with sewing needs over to your workspace, and you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. Then you can roll it back into storage when you’re finished. You might have separate carts for any number of creative endeavors, such as painting, scrapbooking, or knitting. You might even try putting your work table on locking casters so that you can move it to the area of your room with the best light, for example. If you sometimes work at a table and sometimes prefer an easel, having the ability to move your table out of the way can be very convenient.

Label Everything

Especially if you use opaque containers, having everything labeled makes it easy to find whatever you need without having to dig through boxes and bins to see what they contain. Labels also make it easy for others who share your crafting space to know exactly where to put away the tools and supplies they’ve used. Not knowing where something goes will no longer be an excuse for leaving things out after using them.

Use Pegboards

Some items are more easily stored by hanging them up than by fitting them into bins. Installing at least one pegboard wall in your crafting space can make it easy to organize supplies such as scissors, spools of thread, and paper rolls. Specialty storage accessories exist for neatly holding all sorts of craft supplies, so be sure to look for pieces that work great for the items you need to store. Many of the storage bins that can hang on a pegboard can be taken down and used wherever you’re working, then easily remounted when you’re finished.

A beautiful, organized craft room is a delight to work in. With some initial thought given to storage needs, you can build a space that is a pleasure to use and easy to keep tidy between work sessions.




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