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How does a compressed air system work?

Compressed air is something that many people are familiar with even if they don’t really know it by that name. Compressed air systems are commonly used in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

The Basics

AMG Incorporated explains a compressor is at the heart of a compressed air system. The compressor takes air and makes it pressurized using a motor. When you turn on a compressor, you will hear a loud noise, which is the compressor doing its work. As you use the system, the compressor will cycle on and off as needed to pressurize more air for you to use.

In a large compressed air system, you will have a compressor and also a dryer that removes the humidity. All sized systems will have parts that will distribute the air to the final use destination.


Compressed air systems can be small or large. Some industries use them in a huge system that spans the building. They may hook into machinery to handle certain tasks as part of the manufacturing process. They may also hook into individual stations that allow workers to use the compressed air in smaller tasks. You may find a large compressed air system Jacksonville FL in various manufacturing facilities and automotive repair shops.

You may be more familiar with the mobile type system that many people have in their own home workshops. These small units usually have a cylinder to hold the pressurized air. You may also find these systems at gas stations. You’d use this type of compressor to add air to your vehicle’s tires.

Under Pressure

Pressurized air is very useful. It is impossible to fill anything with air without pressurizing it first. You can try it yourself. Hold a balloon open and see how easily it blows itself up using the air around you. It won’t work well. You need air that’s under pressure to blow it up, which you can either do with your body or a compressed air system.


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