Monday, October 2

Get Your Home Ready for Cold Winter Weather

Northeasterners are resilient, but a harsh winter can be a formidable foe. Northeasterners know that getting through winter comfortably takes more than just a little prep work. The more that you do to get your home ready for the winter in advance, the better you’ll feel about taking on whatever winter brings.

Insulate Your Home

A poorly insulated home is extremely difficult to keep warm during the coldest months of the year. Even when you run your heat at full blast, your heated air will dissipate quickly simply due to poor insulation. In general, heated air rises. Consequently, you lose a lot of your homes heating through your crawlspace or attic. This large open area provides a very thin barrier, so insulating it can help you keep your heat’s home where it should be. You should use a high-foam insulation material such as foam. It will help to keep your home warmer, and you’ll also likely see some appreciable savings on your home energy expenses.

Upgrade Your Windows

Old windows can also cause you to lose a lot of your home’s heat. Poor seals, thin or cracked glass, and damage to a frame may be costing you the protection from the elements that you need your windows to provide. If you feel a strong draft near your windows, odds are that it may be time for a replacement. The cost of windows may be offset by the savings that you can realize on your energy bills, and new windows are likely to raise your home’s value. If you need window price estimates Gloucester County NJ, reach out to a company that can offer you a competitive quote on energy-efficient windows and professional installation.

Clean Your Gutters

If you have any type of clogs in your gutter or they’re not draining as they should, it can be a serious problem during the wintertime. Clogged gutters can cause ice dams to form along the side of your home. While icicles lining the side of your home may look kind of pretty, they’re actually very dangerous. A falling ice dam could cause you or one of your family members to experience a serious injury. Trying to remove them manually by knocking them down with a long object can be somewhat dangerous. The best course of action is a preventative one. Cleaning your gutters before freezing temperatures hit will prevent them from getting clogged and creating ice dams.


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