Tuesday, March 21

Facts About Countertops

If your shopping for countertops Mequon, you need to learn the basics. Most people start off knowing that laminate looks cheesy, marble is pretty, and granite countertops are everywhere. That really isn’t a lot. If you want to pick out the perfect materials for your home, you need to learn more. Here are facts that can help you decide on your countertops.

Quartz and Quartzite Are Not the Same

Quarts and quartzite are not the same. They are completely different materials with unique benefits and drawbacks.

Quartz Is Very Popular

Quartz has low maintenance requirements and is very durable. This has made it a popular choice in many homes.

Granite Is Not Out of Style

Although some people don’t like it, granite is still very much in style. Not only is it pretty, but it does well with high-heat.

Marble Only Looks Good

Marble is a very soft material. This means that it is basically only good for looks since it cannot handle the heat.

Two Slab Yards Can Produce Very Different Products

While two slab yards may guarantee the same material, the finished product can look very different. This is due to the differences caused by location on the processes nature used to make the material.

Quartz Isn’t New

Quartz has just recently become popular. However, people have been using it for countertops for a while.

You Can Peruse a Slab Yard

You can walk through a slab yard whenever they’re open and look at the materials. Just ask to be let in, and peruse the slabs like you’re at an art show.

Most people start off knowing very little about countertops. If you’re in this group, don’t worry. Knowing more about countertops isn’t difficult. In fact, these facts will help set you to broaden your knowledge. This will help you choose the perfect option for your home. It can also help you create the perfect design for your kitchen. This will leave you with the kitchen you always dreamed of.


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